Services for self-publishers and small presses

So, you're a self-publisher or small press and not sure if you can afford a professional German translation? Chances are, you just may.

Due to a brief stint with my own small press I do know about the constraints and uncertainties when you're forced to work with an extremely tight budget. Thus I do not only offer special, affordable rates for you but also various payment schemes with a royalty-sharing component as well as auxiliary services to help you boost the sales figures of your German title.

I'd like to emphasize that you can expect the absolute same quality as a traditional publisher from me. So you'd profit from my vast experience, absolute reliability and, depending on my current workload, short delivery times. Whether it's a love story, a humorous romance, a chilling horror novel, epic fantasy, literature for young adults, any kind of thriller, an erotic tale, anything in-between or something else altogether, my utmost aim is always to nail the tone of your story in such a way that you don't even notice the German is a translation. And I always meet agreed deadlines, without exception.

Check out what I can do for you and do get in touch if you're interested, I'd love to hear from you.


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Professional, top quality translation of your text into German, created with passion, committment and experience.
Special, affordable rates for self-publishers and small presses with the option to additionally lessen the financial blow with a royalty-sharing scheme.


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An internal copyediting is always included – no translation leaves my computer before I've worked over it again diligently. 
As an option I can offer an additional editing round by an external professional partner at very favourable rates.

Reader review

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This is also included in my basic rate – every translation I do for you is proofread by a trusted independant reader after my editing.

External proofreading

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This is another option I can offer at very competitive rates due to my partnership with an external professional.

Distribution assistance

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Due to my experience with my own small press I do know the distribution channels of the German market and can assist you with establishing them.

Promotional assistance

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I can help you to promote the German version of your work by providing you with the proper German keywords, by assisting you with your German social media presence, by translating your web site into German, by translating your newsletters for your German fans. Flat rate packages available.

Break-even calculator

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I created a little calculator to help you get an idea how many units you'd have to sell to break even with the translation cost. It's a simple Excel file that contains a bunch of numbers and formulas, no macros and certainly NO malware. If you're interested in it, please just drop me a line and I'll happily provide it to you, absolutely free, of course, and with no obligations whatsoever.