Reader opinions

»The writing style of the author is awesome so that I read the story in one go.« – Bärbel Worm on about Deep Six - Rausch der Gefahr (Hell Or High Water) by Julie Ann Walker

»From the first page Correia, or rather Michael Krug, the translator who delivered his own interpretation of the English original, had me thrilled and I got what I had hoped for: tongue-in-cheek horror reading fun.« – Luke on about Die Monster, die ich rief (Monster Hunter International) by Larry Correia

»Well, about the writing style I can only say: top! I laughed, I smirked, and it warmed my heart.« – mienchens_buchzauber on about The Penthouse Prince by Virginia Nelson.

 »The German translation is very good. The style fits the atmosphere of Victorian times, the poems are perfectly translated. Terrific! « – St. S. on about Der wundersame Fall des Uhrwerkmanns (The Curious Case Of The Clockwork Man) by Mark Hodder

»Quirky, well written, gripping to the very end. Awesome translator.« – Jaksurf on about Auf der Suche nach dem Auge von Naga (Expedition To The Mountains Of The Moon) by Mark Hodder 

»The author’s writing style is incredibly beautiful, very gripping and emotional.« – Traumfeder on about Weihnachtszauber in Hopewell (Hope at Christmas) by Nancy Naigle

»The author has a wonderfully casual, easy and fluent style, spiked with humour and lots of passion for detail.« – pinky13 on about Atlanta Bad Boys - Cash (Cash) by Eve Jagger

»The entire series is written in such a wonderfully poetic style that you lose yourself in the story and enter a different world while reading.« – LoveYa on about Das Baumlied (The Singing) by Alison Croggon